Photo by  John Watson

Photo by John Watson

Sarah is professional adventure cyclist, event organizer, writer and route developer. She uses her experiences exploring by bike to inspire and encourage others to use the bicycle as a tool to learn more about themselves and the world around them. After spending 10-years working in bike shops and 5-years owning her own shop, she set out to ride across the U.S. following dirt roads to explore the possibilities the bicycle could offer. She hasn’t stopped since.

While Sarah enjoys all forms of bicycle riding her two favorite disciplines are bike touring/bikepacking and gravel/adventure riding and racing. She spends 9 months of the year either traveling by bicycle around the world, or living in her truck camper on public lands. Sarah spends her remaining time in Durango, Colorado where she enjoys a lot of rest and relaxation when she is not learning how to ski, working on her mountain bike skills, or hiking up mountains.

Sarah is an adventure ambassador for Specialized Bicycles and Ride with GPS. She is a co-founder of WTF Bikexplorers and a contributor to The Radavist,, Lonely Planet, Adventure Cyclist, and Adventure Journal. Her latest project is organizing the Ruta Del Jefe Challenge, which is a 125-mile adventure race created to raise awareness of the environmental, political, and humanitarian threats occurring in the borderlands of Southern Arizona. To read her personal story, click here.

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